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Шайба Д 32
Шайба Д 32
Агрегаты унифицированной системы охлаждения
Агрегаты систем охлаждения
Электроплитка настольная ЭПТ1-1М
Изделия из полистирола
Светильники, люстры
Комплект печной фурнитуры
Набор для камина
Стол обеденный с кованными элементами.
Набор для отдыха
Стол обеденный с поворотной столешницей.
Поливочно-оросительная техника
Передвижные дождевальные машины ПДМ-2500, ПДМ-3000
Водоводы для ПДМ
Установка насосная УН-140К
Передвижная дождевальная машина ПДМ-2500
Передвижная дождевальная машина ПДМ-3000
Прицеп тракторный ПТС-4,5
Транспортер для уборки овощей ТО-300
Ботвоудалитель БУН-1500
Установка водоочистная
Плита электрическая
Унифицированная сборно-разборная перевозная мачта 1Л81-1
Радиолокационная станция метрового диапазона волн П-14
Шкаф жарочный
Мясорубка МЭ-300
Линия покрытия методом электроосаждения
Стенд для обкатки двигателей внутреннего сгорания
Асфальтосмесительные установки (асфальтобетонные заводы)
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О предприятии


Gomel Radio Plant - is a modern technically well-equipped enterprise. It was founded in 1969.

A unique possibility of creating new systems has given to the plant an opportunity to accumulate a rich scientific and technical potential. The plant has developed a full spectrum of technological capacities in following spheres:

  • producing of high frequency and assembled cables;
  • producing of wave-conducting tracts and round and square section nodes;
  • assimilation of main types of welding and soldering of metals and alloys;
  • galvanic plastics;
  • producing of galvanic and varnish paint covering, including powder ones;
  • assimilation of main types of plastics and metals melting;
  • creation of punched and volumetrical radio-montage;
  • creation of machining and processing production (Its production capacities allow to manufacture abut 4000 mm of diameter and 8000 mm/ 2500 mm of square section and about 10 tons of weight)
  • creation of cool-punch production (with pressure effort about 400 tons and pressured detail size about 1000 mm). Thanks to conversion processes in 1989 the plant has began the producing of production and technical goods and public consumption goods.

    Main directions of activities are:

    • industrial and refrigerating equipment;
    • equipment for binding digital channels compaction in telecommunicational systems;
    • equipment and installations for processing and storing of agricultural production;
    • installation for water purification with capacity about 800 cubic meters per day
    • window"s accessories for frames from plastics and tree;
    • furniture manufacture;
    • manufacture of computers.
    We propose various forms of collaboration in following spheres of productions activities:
    • installations for purification of soil and subsoil waters in drinking water-supply systems;
    • telecommunication and binding systems;
    • equipment for storing and packing of food goods;
    • equipment for sausage goods production.

      Tel. +375293911966 fax +375232452353 e-mail

      Partners for the sale of agricultural machinery (the subjects of the distribution network)

      "Agropromsnab", Ltd.396 420 Voronezh region, Pavlovsk, st. Construction, etc. 8a. Tel.: 7 (47 362) 3/10/57, 2-13-10 (fax) Contact Shalnev Ivan Y. mob. 89038551780

      Group of companies "Rosbelmash" st. Aurora, 140, of. 14 443045, Samara, Russia tel / fax - 8 107 846 3426 006, Tel 3426898

      Trading house "Polesie", Saratov

      AnindividualentrepreneurKorolev, Volzhsky

      Transporter for vegetables harvesting ТО-300

      is intended for vegetables harvesting (cabbages, watermelons and other big-sized vegetables)

      Technical productivity, ton/hour 10 Quantity of collectors working simultaneously, max 9 Weight in an operating position without a load, kg, not less than 315 Weight in an operating position at maximum loading, kg 450 Weight in a transport position (with a trolley and a draft bar), kg 390 Maximum allowable pressure in a system of a hydraulic cylinder of an arrow lifting-lowering down, МPa 20 Minimum allowable pressure in a system of a hydraulic cylinder of an arrow lifting-lowering down, МPa 2 Minimum required consumption in a system of a hydraulic motor of a conveyor drive, l/min 3 Maximum transportation speed, km/hour15 Width of an operating grasp with a transporter, m 7,4 Damageability of vegetables, % not more than 5 Overall dimensions in an operating position (length/width/height) mm 9105/700/2575 Overall dimensions in an operating position (length/width/height) mm 7725/1752/2975 Operating fluid of hydraulic systems: automobile oils GОSТ 10541-63 Unitized with tractors of a class 1.4 (МТZ-80)

      Plant-top removing machine BUN-1500

      is intended for an extraction of plant tops, stems, weeds on fields with onion sowing, table beet and other crops.

      The plant-top removing machine is activated from a shaft of a tractor МТЗ power takeoff through a drive shaft, included into a complete set. Grasp width, mm1500 Weight, kg 800 Overall dimensions, mm Length 2500 Width 1900 Height 1500

      Movable sprinkling machine (PDM-2500 and PDM-3000)

      Movable sprinkling machines PDМ-2500, PDМ-3000 are used for an artificial irrigation of agricultural land, including hayfields, pastures, tilled crops, vegetables and others.

      TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: CHARACTERISTIC of PDМ-2500 PDМ-3000 Productivity of sprinkling (depending on intensity), hectare /hour up to 1,2 up to 2 Traverse speed of a sprayer, m/hour 10-150 10-150 Water discharge, M³/hour up to 60 up to 60 Distance of water delivery from a pool, Km up to 2,0 up to 2,0 Power of a pump drive, kW not below 40 not below 40 A sprayer, type far-spraying far-spraying Operating hydraulic turbine pressure, МPa (kgf/cm2):  minimum  maximum 0,2 (2) 1,2 (12) 0,2 (2) 1,2 (12) Supply voltage of control electronic unit, V 12 (+20%,-1,5%) 12 (+20%,-1,5%) Operating grasp width, М up to 70 up to 90 Operating grasp length, М 350 700 Overall dimensions, mm:  length  width  height 6770 2080 3490 6770 2080 3900 Track, М: ■ installations ■ Irrigation bars 2,0 – 2,2 1,35 – 2,2 2,0 – 2,2 1,5 – 2,25 Weight, kg 3500 6500

      Electric meat chopper МE-300

      Electric meat chopper with a productivity 300 kg/hour

      Technical productivity at chopping of boneless meat Not less than 300 kg/hour Current of power system (alternate, three-phase), frequency 50 Hz Voltage 380 V Power consumption (nominal) (maximum 1.1 kW 2,4 kW Average error-free running time, not less than 1000 hours Average error-free running time of knives and plates up to sharpening 50 hours Average service life period up to overhaul, not less than 10 years Overall dimensions, not more than - length Width height 750 mm 530 mm 530 mm Weight, not more than 42 kg

      Industrial electric stove PE 3х4/3,2

      Industrial electric four-burner stove

      • Quantity of burners, piece 4 • Quantity of baking trays in an oven section, piece 2 • Nominal area of an operating surface of burners, m 2 0,48 • Temperature of burners surface, ºС , not less than 400 • Maximum air temperature in an oven section, ºС 300 • Heat-up time up to an operating temperature, minutes not more than • - of burners 60 • - of an oven section 40 • Limits of air temperature regulation in an oven section, ºС +100…300 • Nominal power, kW 15.2 • Nominal voltage, W 380 • Internal dimension of an oven section, mm • - length 665 • - width (depth) 560 • - height (free height) 325 • Working dimensions of an oven section, mm • - length 650 • - width 530 - height 40 • Overall dimensions of an electric griddle plate, mm , not more than • - length 940 • - width 792 • - height 850 • Weight, kg, not more than 170 • Dimension of a burner 415х295

      Tractor trailer PTS-4,5

      The tractor trailer is intended for transportation of various loads.Weight-carrying capacity 4,5 ton Corresponds to state standarts: STB EN 1553; STB EN 1853; GОSТ 122.111; GОSТ 10000

      Water purifier

      The water purifier is intended for removing of iron, iron bacterium and a little concentration of dissolved gases(carbonic acid, hydrogen sulfide) from water. Water purifiers are used for providing of household water mode of rural centers of population, municipal district center, recreation centers, patient care institutions and other similar objects at usage as a borehole source

      The water purifier consists of next main parts: - a tank - gas separator; - pumps for delivery of source water; - a fast filter; - pipelines system. THE WATER PURIFIER may be used for water sources with the next initial characteristics of water quality: ● iron content, general, mg/l, not more than………………………..……15 ● alkalinity, mg- equivalent /l, not more than ……………………………………………1,0 ● pН, not less than ……………………………………………………………………….6,5 ● carbonic acid content, mg/l, not more than ………………………………60 ● hydrogen sulfide content, mg/l, not more than ………………………….….2,0 ● iron bacterium content, mg/l, not more than ……………….…not limited ● permanganate oxidability, mg/l ……………………………….…….6-7

      radar technical equipment

      Repair and production of a radar technical equipment according to the documentation of a customer

      Electric griddle plate 1- burner and 2- burner

      One-hotplate electric stove EPТ1-1,0 and EPТ2-2,0/220 GОSТ 14919-83 is intended for cooking in domestic conditions, it is an electrical appliance of type А.

      Characteristic name EPТ1-1,0 EPТ2-2,0 EPТ1-1,0М Nominal voltage, V 220 220 220 Type of current – alternating Nominal power consumption, kW 1 2 1 Frequency of alternating current, Hz 50 50 50 Infinitely variable power regulation Protection class 0 0 0 Type of a heating element ТEN ТEN ТEN Heat-up time up to operating temperature, minutes, not more than 4 4 4 Overall dimensions 270х332х83 540х287х83 264х221х74 Weight, kg, not more than 1,8 3,5 1,7

      Wheel support, furniture support

      Supports for furniture, metallic, durable

      Manufacturing of metalware, metal goods

      Manufacturing capabilities of the plant are very extensive: - printing and extensional radio mounting; - manufacturing of cables and connectors for them; - bundling for an extensional radio composition; - manufacturing of waveguide knots of a circular section and rectangular cross section, of a metre, decimetre and millimetre range; - welding of ferrous metals, nonferrous metals and stainless steel in a medium of protective gases (manual and semiautomatic), soldering of waveguides; - manufacturing of pipelines, steady to corrosive medium from irradiated polyethylene; - manufacturing of waveguide knots by galvanoplasty; - galvano- and lacquer coating: - - vacuum metallization of aluminium casts and plastic parts; - - copper plating of parts from a steel, copper and copper alloys; - - silvering of parts from a steel, copper and copper alloys; - - chromium plating of parts from steel, copper and copper alloys; - - zinc plating of parts from a steel; - - cadmium plating of parts from a steel; - - coating of lacquer «in imitation gold» on plastic parts; - - coating of lacquer on knots of printing and extensional mounting; - - putting of polymeric powder paint; - permanent mold casting of aluminium and brass; - casting of aluminium alloys under pressure (projection area up to 1000 mm, cast weights up to 6 kg); - casting of steel, cast iron, aluminium and bronze sand molds; - casting of plastics: thermoplastic automatic machines with a cast volume 63, 95, 125, 323, 500 сm3 and a cast surface up to 500сm2; - compressing of plastic materials (thermoplastics, reactorplastics, rubber) with a force up to 400 t; - putting polymeric materials on parts. There are also: - the laboratory of environmental tests; - the laboratory of a reliability test; - the laboratory of a chemical analysis of organic materials (resins, polyether, lacquers, paints, glues, fluxes, galvanic coatings); - the laboratory by manufacturing; - the laboratory of electrophysical, physical-mechanical, metallographic and spectral analyses of materials and articles; - the laboratory of electrolutes analysis and solutions of galvano-coatings process analysis and solutions containing precious metals analysis. There are turning machines of 1000mm diameter of processing, merry-go-round machines up to 4000mm diameter of processing, boring machines for processing of parts of dimensions up to 8000 x 2500 mm in a mechanical- processing manufacturing. There are the following mechanical- processing machines: - single-spindle turning automatic and semiautomatic devices; - turning-revolver; - vertical turning; - screw-turning; - turning machines with numerical program control; - bench-mounted drilling; - vertical-drilling; - radial-drilling; - radial-drilling; - coordinate boring; - processing centres; - horizontal-boring; - round-grinding; - grinding; - internal grinding; - coordinate-grinding; - thread-grinding; - profile-grinding; - vertical- grinding; - universally-milling; - horizontal-milling; - engraving-milling; - shaping; - parallel planing; - horizontal-broaching; - thread-cutting; - cold-forming automatic devices; The plant may produce welding- framed constructions made from steel and aluminium alloys of overall dimensions 10000 x 2500 x 2500 mm. Cold-forming equipment: - crank presses with a force 2,5; 6,3; 10; 16; 25; 40; 63; 100; 160; 500 tf; - friction presses with a force 100; 250 tf; - hydraulic presses - 10; 25; 40; 63; 100; 150; 160; 250; 400; 2000 tf; - pneumatic presses – 0,6; 2,5; 6 tf; - hand presses – 0,150 tf; - press-automatic devices – 10; 25; 40; 75 tf; - coordinate presses – 10 tf; - plate bending presses – 10; 63; 100 tf; - pipe bending presses – 60 tf; - shearing press with a cutting force up to 44 tf; - plate bending machines (thickness of bending up to 4 mm, length up to 3 m).

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